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How to Make a Homemade Taser (Stun) Gun

SKnife Hot Girlo, you just separated from your wife or recently broke up with your girlfriend and you think she’s going to break into your house or apartment and slit your throat while you’re asleep.  Or, you’re the type of guy that just likes making cool s@#!.

Whatever the case may be, we think you’ll get a kick (or jolt) out of making your very own homemade Taser, otherwise known as a Stun Gun.  Now, we don’t recommend you go making one of these things and then parade around town zapping the crap out of people; however, if you are bored on a Sunday afternoon, feel free to give this a spin.

Let us know how you make out!  Also, please, don’t kill yourself – we are not responsible for any bodily harm you cause yourself in making this effective weapon.

What you’ll need:

  • Disposable Camera (Dollar stores sell these for pretty cheap)
  • Soldering Gun
  • Sixteen gauge wire
  • Philips head screwdriver (the ‘star’ one for you dolts out there)


  1. Remove the cardboard covering of your disposable camera.
  2. Pop open the plastic body housing of the camera by using a Phillips head screwdriver.
  3. Take the circuit board out of the camera. Be careful while removing and handling the circuit board.   IMPORTANT: If you touch the capacitors wires or connection points on the board you will “tase” yourself.  We warned you.
  4. Solder two 16-gauge wires, several inches long, to each of the two connection points connecting the flashbulb to the circuit board. Then remove the flashbulb from the circuit board.
  5. Place the circuit board back into the camera housing and close it up leaving the two added wires hanging out.
  6. Charge up your taser by pressing the flash charge button. If you wait for the flash to be fully charged the blast will be more powerful.
  7. Discharge the taser by placing the two wires on your target and pressing the button to take a picture.

Tips & Warnings

  • This only works with a disposable camera with a flash, so be sure to purchase the right type.
  • Making a disposable camera taser may be illegal in your area. Be sure to check with local laws before building such a device or you could be arrested.
  • The power a disposable camera taser puts out may seem innocent but could kill someone with a weak heart, a pacemaker or really bad luck. Be careful what you use this device for or you could end up in a lot of trouble.


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  1. Very useful , I’ll make one of these and try it out , if I don’t write my next review of this then you will know it works .lol

    Comment by Jonjo the gipsy | April 29, 2012 | Reply

  2. manly men men who have something to prove by attacking women with their cheap crappily made devices and fakey celebrity pictures of photoshopped bliss. here’s to 5″ or lesser pants snake hell! wooopeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

    Comment by douchebadger | June 20, 2012 | Reply

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