Lifestyle Businesses

One of the reasons I advocate webcam modeling studio businesses as the ideal choice for younger guys is that it allows them to live a certain lifestyle. When you start an online business, you need to make sure that it will provide you with the ability to live how you want to live. If your business has you stuck at a computer most of your day, or dealing with customer service, or doing other menial things, it defeats the “lifestyle business” purpose.

I like Miles Beckler’s take on this subject, and it’s important to get this idea straight in your head before you proceed to try to build a business.


Picking the Right Cam Girls

As a lesbian cam girl, I’ve always been very picky about the webcam models I chose to work with, either for doing cam shows together, or hiring for my studio business. A girl just knows that there are certain traits you want to lookout for in models, so that you can spare yourself a lot of headaches down the road. I’m going to talk about a few of the most important red flags you need to be on guard for, so that as you expand and develop your webcam modeling business, you can do it correctly.

First of all, I always expect cam models to be organized and ready to work on schedule. Lots of cam girls are terribly disordered in their personal lives, and these are the kind of girls who flake frequently and let you down when you’re expecting them to perform. They tend to totally lack self-discipline and can’t seem to create priorities in their life. I would never hire a webcam model who didn’t have her shit together, and who wasn’t driven to succeed.

Secondly, I’m very careful about hiring cam models who have overly protective boyfriends who seem to hang around all the time and try to make decisions for their girlfriends. I have too much experience dealing with these types to know that they’re pretty much always nothing but trouble. If you see that a potential cam model has some overbearing dude behind her who’s intent on running her career, take a pass.

Finally, I really like creativity and personality in a webcam girl I’m looking to hire. If she’s got that creative flare, she’s likely to come up with cool new ways of keeping her audience happy and tipping regularly. That means more money for you, her studio boss. And if she’s personable and fun to talk with, she’s going to engage her viewers and develop crucial relationships with them that will usually result in serious money being spent, either via tips or private shows. This really can’t be understated, because it’s so important.

There’s a lot more to lookout for, so I want to recommend this “become a cam girl” guide, which can help you learn exactly what a cam model should do and how she should behave while broadcasting to bring in the big tips.

Next post, I think I’m going to address the best promotion strategies for your webcam modeling business, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Your First Online Business

One of the reasons I started this blog is that I really want to help younger guys start a business online so they can make the kind of money that allows for a lifestyle Hugh Hefner would be proud of. All too often, guys blow through their twenties and thirties working crappy jobs and studying for college degrees that ultimately won’t help them make much money at all. They essentially waste their youth on the bullcrap society tells them they ought to be doing. But that’s very different from what they SHOULD be doing, if they want to live their lives to the fullest potential.

Starting an Online Business

Look, I’m just gonna say it here loud and clear…don’t go to college. It’s a massive waste of money, time, and effort. Well, the chicks can be great, admittedly, but you won’t be lacking in hot girls if you start the right online business for yourself. Instead of blowing your parents’ money on a useless degree (or worse, going into hella debt to pay your tuition), start a webcam modeling business and get serious money pouring in month after month on an indefinite basis.

When I started my webcam modeling studio business, I immediately realized that this was the industry for me. I got to work with plenty of sexy girls, I made lots of money fairly soon after starting up, and I felt like I was in a business that was here to stay. After all, while the porn video business has had its challenges lately due to tube sites and piracy, webcam models are still in high demand, since you can’t pirate the interactivity that is the key lure here.

In the coming posts, I will be explaining how I created my webcam modeling operation, and how you can set one up yourself very quickly. You could literally be making money within the first month, and it can be BIG money, if you follow some key points of advice that I will be dishing out right here. Stay tuned!